Steem Healthcare is a Steem Community for those of you who want to share articles about health.

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About Steem Healthcare

About Steem Healthcare

Steem Healthcare is a Steemit Community for those of you who want to share articles about medicine, natural medicine, and how to maintain health. How do you get started?
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What You Will Find?

3 Reasons why you should be part of the Steem Healthcare Community.

Healthy Community

Here you will get to know each other with other members and share tips.

Social Activities

Together Carry out health social activities

Share Articles

Share your best health articles, and get support.

What You Have To Do
Community Rules

What You Have To Do

The Steem Healthcare community will provide support to those of you who share the best articles / posts and are in accordance with community rules.
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The writing contains 200 words, the original work that is shared is the result of his own writing and is not the result of plagiarism. Use a health theme, and make sure to include at least 1 image (You can use the source, if not yours).

The Steem Healthcare community does not limit the language used in writing articles. Every language is welcome to write articles related to this community.

These three main tags must accompany each post: #healthcare, #steemexclusive, and the author's nationality (e.g. #indonesia and #nigeria).

Steemian opinion

Client Info @ahyar92
This community is very useful, we can find health tips here. This will make Steemit even more useful. This community must get support.
Client Info @itikna09
The Steem Healthcare community is a great place for you to share health tips. Share the best posts here and get support.
Client Info @rezamusic22
So far, it's rare to see Steemit users discussing health. This is one of the reasons Steem Healthcare is present on the Steemit platform which contains health-related contents. with a high sense of solidarity and very useful content, this community will become a strong and rapidly growing community.
Client Info @dimasputra
Steem Healthcare is a place for all of us to share about tips and other health tricks, not only for writers but also readers who can benefit very much from getting advice and health tips in this community.
Client Info @kurza
With this Steem healthcare community, some people will understand better to always take care of their health and I hope the steemhealthcare community will develop even more in the future.


Leadership from the Steem Healthcare Community.

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